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Niagara College Libraries Archive: Get Involved at the Library (jobs, ncReads, Student Advisory Team)

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ncLibraries is happy to announce our first ever college-wide book club, ncReads!  

Thanks to suggestions from the Niagara College Libraries Student Advisory Team, Niagara College staff, and faculty, we have decided to use a "one college, one book" approach where YOU choose the book!

Learn more about ncReads.

Niagara College Libraries Student Advisory Team (NCLSAT)

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The goal of NCLSAT is to offer a forum for students to share their ideas and opinions on how NC Libraries can best support student success.  Ultimately, this group will help the Library determine a path for the future and meet the requirements of current students.

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Student Jobs @ ncLibraries

ncLibraries usually hires student assistants in early Fall and early Spring.  Feel free to drop off your resume at either campus library or email it to us at 

Library Bookstacks

Learn More with the ncLibraries Academic Integrity Series!

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"Staff and student perceptions of plagiarism" by jobadge is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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What is the ncLibraries Academic Integrity Series (AIS)?

The AIS is a supplementary learning opportunity that will provide you with an in-depth understanding of academic integrity issues, such as plagiarism, and why they are important.  You will gain knowledge that will not only help you succeed in your studies, but also prepare you to be responsible and well-informed citizens.  The balance of theoretical and practical aspects to this series will allow you to engage with the topics on a meaningful and impactful level.

How does it work?

The Academic Integrity Series highlights four topics: plagiarism, citations, copyright, and library services & support.  Each of these topics is featured in an online module through Blackboard and in a complementary in-library workshop.

You will earn a digital badge after completing a module. This badge can be shared and added to online portfolios, resumes, etc., or even sent to instructors as proof of completion.  Anyone who completes all four modules will receive a certificate.


In addition to the digital badges, students who complete the online module and attend the corresponding in-person workshop will receive a credit on their Co-Curricular Records.


Here is the Winter 2016 schedule:

February 1: Plagiarism in-person workshop

February 22: Citations/Referencing in-person workshop

March 14: Copyright in-person workshop

March 28: Library Support and Services in-person workshop

Prizes and surprises will pop up throughout the entire series!