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Mobile Apps: Feedback and FAQs

Guide to apps and websites for doing your work on the go!

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NC Faculty and Staff iPad Cart FAQs

1. Which generation of the iPad do we have on the carts?


We are currently using the iPad 2.

2. How many iPads are there with the cart?


There are 32 iPads that come with the cart. 


3. What version of IOS (operating system) is installed on the machines?


Currently, the machines are running on IOS 8.


4. What are some useful apps that can be used for my classes?


5. How can I use the iPads in my classroom?


There are a number of useful readings and presentations on the Niagara College Library site  You may also find additional helpful documentation online related to your program of study. 


6. Is Wifi enabled on the iPads? 


Wifi is enabled on all of the iPads and they are ready to be used.


7. Can students record audio or video on the iPads?


Audio or video may be recorded on the iPads and will be deleted when the cart is returned to the library.


8. How can documents or recordings be uploaded to share online?


You may use one of the document sharing apps (ie: Dropbox) or an online website (ie: Google Drive) to upload documents for future use.  If you are new to these services, you may need to open an account.