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Peer Tutoring: Become A Peer Tutor

Peer Tutoring information for Niagara College Community.

Why Become a Peer Tutor?

By becoming a tutor, you can make extra money during the semester while reviewing your material at the same time. You will be paid $11.00 – $13.50 per hour (depending on your year), up to 12 hours per week, as a Tutor! Many students have seen their marks go up as a result of being a Peer Tutor. In addition, time spent in your tutoring sessions can be recorded on your Co-Curricular Record.


“I think it is fantastic that Niagara College offers tutoring to those who can really benefit from it. I also learned and reinforced my knowledge through the process of tutoring. It was a win-win!”

Note Takers

Note takers are currently required for the following courses:

  • HORT

If interested in becoming a note taker, please contact the Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator.

Peer Study Assistant (PSA)

Similar to being a Peer Tutor except currently enrolled in the same course in which you prefer to offer tutoring. Please submit a Peer Study Assistant Application. Before your application can be approved, we will obtain a recommendation from your professor that you are performing well in the class.

Please note preference is given to a Peer Tutor if one is available.

A PSA is paid $11.40 per hour.

Questions? Contact Us!

Sign up to be a Tutor

Sign up to become a Tutor

  1. To apply to be a tutor, please visit the Co-Curricular Record website at
  2. If you have not signed up for your Co-Curricular Record, please do so. Not sure how? Read our quick and easy Co-Curricular Record Student Starter Guide. If you have already signed up, then please sign in.
  3. Join the Peer Tutoring Organization.
  4. Once you become a member you will have the opportunity to fill out an online Tutor’s Application located in Forms.
  5. Once your application is approved, you will receive further instructions.


We're Hiring Peer Tutors Notice


You must meet these requirements in order to become a Peer Tutor:

  • Hold a minimum of 80% in the course that you would like to tutor, or a professor’s recommendation.
  • You must be a current Niagara College student.
  • You must have a GPA of 75% or greater.
  • You should have a strong desire to help students succeed. Previous experience in tutoring is an asset, but not essential.

Are you experiencing issues with the application process???

If you see this error 'Organizations' to continue!

Don't forget to join the Peer Tutoring organization to access the application forms!

***Please be advised, some students are currently experiencing difficulties accessing forms for online applications. Contact your Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator if the tutor application form is missing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tutoring Program Expections

As a student participating in the Peer Tutoring program, I will meet the following expectations:

  • I will allow the release of my contact information to other students in the Peer Tutoring program in order to be matched with a peer.
  • I will attend classes, do my homework and keep up with all class assignments.
  • I will be on time and be prepared for my scheduled tutoring session(s).
  • I will respect the time of my peer and will provide notice in advance if I must cancel my appointment.
  • I will complete an evaluation form at the end of the term regarding the Peer Tutoring program.
  • I will NOT exceed the allotted hours for tutoring. If I am uncertain of the number of hours allowable, I will contact the Peer Tutoring Facilitator to verify.
  • LEARNER: I will NOT expect homework to be completed by the Tutor as this is considered Student Academic Misconduct.
  • TUTOR: I will NOT complete any homework for the Learner as this is considered Student Academic Misconduct.
  • I will keep the Peer Tutoring Facilitator informed of my progress and/or any problems that may arise.
  • I will check my email and my messages on the site regularly.