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Peer Tutoring

Spring Term Update for Learners!

Peer tutoring appointments will be available online and in-person for the Spring term beginning May 8th (subject to availability). Appointments can be booked online up to one week in advance.

Please notify the Peer Tutoring Coordinator if your course is not listed in the online schedule. Appointment and tutor availability is dependent on student applicants for the term, so we cannot guarantee tutors will be available for all courses. Schedule is subject to change.

How Can Peer Tutors Help?

Students can independently make appointments for help as needed. Tutors can:

  • Clarify challenging course material. 
  • Explain course content in simplified terms. 
  • Review material to reinforce lectures and readings.
  • Share learning strategies for staying on track with your course.

Important: Tutors will not proofread or do your homework for you. You are required to do all course work on your own.

Check out the details below to register and book an appointment!

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