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Peer Tutoring

Spring Term Update!

Peer Tutors will offer online and in-person appointments for the Spring term. Check the online schedule starting May 8th for availability and to book an appointment.

*The schedule is subject to change.

Make an Appointment and Connect with a Tutor!

1. Go to niagara.mywconline.com and log in (If this is your first time visiting the site, you will need to register for an account). 'Choose a schedule' when logging in to view the calendar for your campus.

2. All available courses will be listed under the drop-down menu for 'Course Code'. Select a course from the drop down menu to view approved tutors. Limited appointments will be available. We cannot guarantee a tutor will be available for your course. 

3. Check the schedule to find a day and time that fits your timetable. Click the white box to reserve a spot and fill out the form.

4. A notification will be sent to your Niagara College email to confirm appointment details.

5. Did you schedule an online appointment with a peer tutor? Shortly before your appointment time, click on your scheduled timeslot, and then select the start or join online consultation link. Video and audio will be required. Please ensure your computer is setup correctly before your appointment start time.

Be Prepared!

  • Attend classes regularly. Good attendance is essential for success.
  • Bring course outlines, notes, textbooks, and reference materials to support your tutoring sessions.
  • For each hour of tutoring you receive, you are expected to put in an additional two to three hours of your own study time.
  • Complete assignments on your own. Tutors will not assist students with homework or assignments required for their final grade.

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