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Peer Tutoring

Benefits of Peer Tutoring!

Are you looking for ways to improve your grades and feel more confident with course material? Tutors can help!

The Peer Tutoring Program offers course-specific support from an experienced peer who has completed and excelled in the course. Tutors can review material covered in class, help prepare for exams, or assist with learning strategies to succeed. 

Students may choose to meet with a tutor only once, or make weekly appointments for more support. You decide when and how often you need help...and it's always free!

Register Today to Get Started!

Register for an account at niagara.mywconline.com using your College email. This is where you'll get access to the online schedule for booking appointments.

  • Once logged in, check the online schedule for your campus and course code to find an available tutor. 
  • Contact the Peer Tutoring Coordinator if your course is not found in the schedule. We cannot guarantee a tutor will be available for every course but we will do our best to recruit tutors as needed.
  • For help booking an appointment, click here.

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