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International Day of People with Disabilities: Accessibility Student Services


In order to receive services from our office, you must:

  1. Self-identify as a student with a disability. It is your responsibility to contact usPlease call or email us to set up an appointment for a meeting with an Accessibility Consultant.

    The earlier you ask for assistance, the more effective we can be in facilitating the appropriate support. Even if your high school or parents called on your behalf, we will still need you to identify yourself.

  2. Provide us with documentation (please choose one of the following documents for more information — pdf version or accessible Word version) from your doctor about your condition. Students are not required to disclose their disability diagnosis to register for accessibility services and to access accommodations and supports. It is a student’s obligation to provide necessary and sufficient documentation in order to substantiate their need for the requested accommodations. Students can choose to bring in existing documentation (no older than 5 years), or to request a copy of our Functional Limitations Form, which does not disclose the actual diagnosis, to take to an appropriate health care provider for completion.

The earlier you ask for assistance, the more effective we can be in facilitating the appropriate support. Do not wait until you are experiencing serious difficulties to contact us.


Read our easy guide…

Do you require (or think you might require) assistance from Health, Wellness and Accessibility Services?

Read our guide to learn about how to get support from Health, Wellness and Accessibility Services, what accommodations are, and much more. The guide has been developed with accessibility in mind.

Learn about disabilities and possible accommodations

If you’re interested in learning more about certain disabilities, the following information is intended to educate faculty and interested parties about disabilities, possible accommodations, educational impacts and teaching strategies.


Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services team is committed to equal access to education for all students. Services are free and confidential. We provide support and accommodations for students with permanent or temporary disabilities who are attending Niagara College or are in the application process. Students are required to self-identify in order to access our services.


Please find tips to access your accommodations remotely during campus closures below. You can also download these tips:

Extra Time for Tests

  • Email your professor to request extra time prior to the test and specify the amount of extra time as per your LOA (ex. 1.5x).

One Test per Day

  • Email your professor to work out an alternative time to do the test.

Read & Write for Tests

  • You can use Read & Write to have your online tests read out loud to you instead of using Kurzweil in the test centre.
  • Make an appointment with our Assistive Technologist to get help setting up Read and Write on your laptop or home computer. Appointments can also be made for learning how to use the program.

Scribe or Reader for Tests

  • Test Centre staff are now offering this option through Microsoft Teams. Please email the Library Services at library@niagaracollege.ca at least 7 days before your test in order to learn how to set this up.

Extra Time for Assignments

  • Email your professor in advance of the assignment to allow them to adjust the time allotted online.

Extensions on Assignments

  • Email your professor to request extension in advance of the due date and mention you are using your LOA. In your request, you should also indicate how long of an extension you feel you would need and suggest which method you will now submit the assignment (example: email).

Flexibility with Assignment Submission

  • Email your professor to request an extension on the assignment due date and mention you are using your LOA. In your request, you should also indicate how long of an extension you feel you would need and how you will now submit it (example: email).

Note-Taking (Electronic or Student Note-taker)

  • For online lecture videos in Stream, make sure your transcript window is active to the right of the video. Through this you have access to a written version of what is said in the video. This transcript can be cut and pasted into a notetaking program of your choice.
  • Closed captioning is also available directly on the video controls to the left of the video setting button. Through the settings button you can also adjust how the text looks and you can increase the size of the font.

Peer Tutoring

  • Limited tutors are available. Use the same online platform to book with peer tutors as before. Tutoring appointment is now virtual. Once you book an appointment you will need to If you choose an online appointment, log back in to this website approximately five to ten minutes before the start of your appointment. Then, open the appointment and click “Start or Join Online Consultation.”

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