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Open Education Week : Open Textbook Petting Zoo

Why Open Textbooks?

Open textbooks provide students with affordable textbook options that they are able to access before, during, and after their registered courses.

According to the report, Fixing the Broken Textbook Market, by the US Public Interest Research Group:

  • Two thirds of students surveyed (66%) reported skipping buying course material (textbook, access code, or both) due to the cost.
  • 90% of the students surveyed stated that they were worried that not being able to purchase their course materials would negatively affect their grades.
  • 11% of students surveyed went without buying food in order to pay for the cost of their course materials

See the Why OER Matters section of our online handbook OER @ NC: A Quickstart Guide for Faculty for more reasons why you should consider adopting an open textbook.

Create Your Own OER

Can't find an Open Textbook that you want to use for your courses? Consider adapting an existing OER to meet your needs, or create one from scratch. 

Visit the Adapting OER and/or Creating OER section of the OER @ NC: A Quickstart Guide for Faculty for more information. 

Affordable, Quality Resources

Find additional open textbooks using the following online libraries:

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