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HR Sources: MGMT1141 Project Resources

Find library resources step by step!

The resources on this page are designed to give you some ideas for where to start with your project. Each step will guide you through the process and keep you on track.

Step 1: Getting started

You will be required to use reliable sources of information for your assignment. This brief video will introduce you to the library's databases and assist you in locating the information you need.

Step 2: Consider search terms

Before searching the library's databases, it is important to brainstorm search terms and synonyms that may improve your results.

Check out this video for some helpful tips.

Use this worksheet to help you find synonyms and related terms for creating an efficient database search.

For example, information on sustainability may require an expanded search to include related terms including:

  • corporate social responsibility
  • climate change
  • environmental responsibility
  • sustainable development
  • green innovation
  • environmental policy

Step 3: Search Library Databases

Enter your keywords into the search box of the following databases. For best results:

  • Combine the company's name with the search terms using Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT to find exactly what you need. The operators must be written in ALL CAPS. ie. Royal Bank of Canada AND climate change
  • Use the filters to limit results by content, date, peer-reviewed and full-text.
  • You may not find results on the first try so don't give up. Try different search terms and review each list of results.

Niagara College username and password are required to access library databases.

Recommended Databases:

Step 4: Use the Tools

Don't forget to cite your sources! Use the citation tools in the databases to easily copy and paste citations into your assignment.

For additional help with citations, take a look at the Citation Guide for examples or attend a Writing Skills Drop In Session to speak to a facilitator.

Step 5: Ask for help

Additional help is available:

  • Review the guide for Research Assignment Help for further advice and helpful tips.
  • Connect with a library staff member using the chat box on the right side. Text and video options available.
  • Book a one-on-one Research Help Appointment to meet with your library liaison at a scheduled time.

We're here to help!

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