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Copyright For Faculty & Staff

Learn more about copyright at Niagara College.

What you need to know about images...

You may use images from public websites for classroom presentations, or for posting into Blackboard (for educational or training purposes), as long as you satisfy the following criteria:

  • You do not break or circumvent a digital lock to access or obtain a copy of the work;
  • There is no clear and visible notice on the website or on the work itself that prohibits the use or reproduction of the work (more than just a copyright symbol);
  • The website is not questionable, infringing or clearly using the works without the copyright owner’s consent; and
  • You identify the source of the work and, if available and applicable, the author, performer, maker or broadcaster of the work.

See Section 29.4 of Canada's Copyright Act for more information.

A great option is to use a public domain image or an image with creative commons licensing (always make sure to follow the cc license and attribution requirements.

Please remember to cite your sources.


An individual can use copyrighted works such as images, videos, music, text, etc. in the creation of a new work (e.g. modifying a mathematical table, creating an instructional video, creating slides or documents) as long as the mash-up meets the following conditions (Section 29.21 of Copyright Act):

  1. The mash-up can only be used for non-commercial purposes
  2. The original work that is being used to create the mash-up must be cited
  3. The original work used in the creation of the mash-up must be a legal copy.
  4. The mash-up cannot effect the economic market of the original work
  5. The user creating the mash-up cannot circumvent a TPM or digital lock in the creation of the mash-up.

Open Access Image Resources

photograph graphic

(public domain image from openclipart.org)

Always follow fair dealing guidelines and the terms of use/Creative Commons licence requirements associated with a work.

How to create a Creative Commons attribute.

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