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Copyright For Faculty & Staff

Learn more about copyright at Niagara College.

What you need to know about making class handouts...

Have you considered linking to items instead of making class handouts? This is an ideal solution to ensure copyright compliance and to support Niagara College's sustainability goals. Check out our Databases page for more information.

If you are making copies of published works for your class, you will have to ensure that copying falls under the  "fair dealing" exceptions or you have permission from the copyright owner.

How do you know if your copies are considered "fair dealing?"  You must ensure that your copies meet the six Fair Dealing criteria, as set out in the Copyright Act.

Open this document for an explanation of the six Fair Dealing criteria:

Guidelines for Copying, Scanning, Posting

Open Access Teaching Resources

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Always follow fair dealing guidelines and the terms of use/Creative Commons licence requirements associated with a work.

Wiley Open Access Publication Portfolio

Wiley-Blackwell has an extensive collection of open access scholarly journals, read more about their initiative and explore available titles here.

The following open access Wiley journals are also available under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence, which allows (with the correct attribution of the original creator) copying, distribution and transmission of a work. Adaption and commercial use is also permitted: 

Open Access Publishers to Avoid

Some open access scholarly publishers operate under questionable business practices (e.g., charging for articles to appear in a publication). 

Check out this list of "predatory" journals/publishers.

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