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Map Sources at Libraries and Learning Commons: Natural Resources Canada


Between the Poles: Spatial Data

GeoBase is your portal for no fee access to quality geospatial data for all of Canada.

Click on the Data tab to see what is available.

It is a federal, provincial and territorial government initiative that is overseen by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG).

User registration is mandatory for downloading GeoBase data.  With registration you will get a username and password that will allow access at no cost to the best available data sets.  Register here!

Example of their data ...

Natural Resources Canada - Map Sources at ncLibrary - Libraries + ...

Atlas of Canada

Explore Atlas of Canada Maps


Canada Map | Infoplease

The Atlas of Canada is produced by Natural Resources Canada, in partnership with Statistics Canada and presents a series of maps and accompanying analysis of national and regional data.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery


Examples of satellite imagery from GeoBase include:

Natural Resources Canada - Map Sources at ncLibrary - Libraries + ...

Library Liaison

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Cynthia Kamin


GeoGratis API (Overview, Documentation & Alternatives) | RapidAPI

The geospatial data collections are available on the GeoGratis portal.




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