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Peer Tutoring

Book an Appointment with a Peer Tutor

The Peer Tutoring Program is a FREE peer-to-peer service, where tutors facilitate student learning by clarifying course content and sharing learning strategies for staying on track with your course. 

Register for an account at niagara.mywconline.com using your College email.

Access the online schedule to book your appointment at niagara.mywconline.com.

  • Use the pull-down menu to scroll to your course code to find an available tutor. 
  • Contact the Peer Tutoring Coordinator at your campus if your course is not found in the schedule. We cannot guarantee a tutor will be available for every course but we will do our best to recruit tutors as needed

Important: Tutors will not proofread or do your homework for you. You are required to do all course work on your own. 

How to Be Prepared for a Tutoring Session

  • Attend classes regularly. Good attendance is essential for success.
  • Bring course outlines, notes, textbooks, and reference materials to support your tutoring sessions.
  • For each hour of tutoring you receive, you are expected to put in an additional two to three hours of your own study time.
  • Complete assignments on your own. Tutors will not assist students with homework or assignments required for their final grade.

Additional Supports

Take advantage of everything offered by NC to help you succeed! 

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