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Peer Tutoring

New to Blackboard? A Peer Tutor Can Help!

Schedule an online appointment with a Peer Tutor for a Blackboard Collaborate overview and essential tips.

A tutor can help you:

  • find your courses
  • explore your courses page
  • locate your TLP and course documents
  • add events to your personal calendar
  • keep track of important course updates, deadlines, and tasks
  • view your grades

These one-on-one sessions are free and appointments are booked online. Simply login to WCONLINE and select the DJP campus schedule. Choose Blackboard Support as the course from the drop-down menu to find a tutor.

Experiencing technical issues with your Blackboard account?

ITS Laptop ITS will solve it! Contact Information Technology Services for troubleshooting problems with your Blackboard account.

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