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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutors Make a Difference!

Tutors provide course specific support to students needing assistance.

  • Earn $16.55 per hour for tutoring students
  • Work up to 12 hours per week
  • Determine your own set schedule
  • Stay engaged in your program while helping others
  • Apply sessions to your Co-Curricular Record upon request

Peer Study Assistant (PSA)

Peer Study Assistants provide the same support as Peer Tutors, but are currently enrolled in the same course as the students who need support. Please submit an online application through Get Involved. Before your application can be approved, we will obtain a recommendation from your professor that you are performing well in the class.

Please note, preference is given to a Peer Tutor if one is available.

Reminders for Tutors

Appointment Bookings: 

  • Do not book appointments for learners without prior approval from the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.
  • You will not be paid for appointments longer than 60 minutes unless approved by the Coordinator in advance.

Online Appointments:  

  • Meet the learner by clicking on the scheduled appointment block in wconline.
  • Turn your camera on briefly to introduce yourself to your learner at the start of your appointment.

On-campus Appointments: 

  • Meet the learner in the designated Peer Tutoring space in the Libraries and Learning Commons.

Client Report Form: 

  • Fill out the online Client Report Form in 30-minute increments immediately following the appointment to ensure you get paid for every appointment.
  • Do not fill out a Client Report Form if student is a no-show or cancels within 3 hours of the appointment. 

Missed Appointments: 

  • Send the Peer Tutoring Coordinator an e-mail informing them of any missed or no-show appointments immediately. 


Are you interested in learning about the fundamentals of Peer Tutoring? Check out this book online for helpful tips:

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