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Map Sources at Libraries and Learning Commons: Topographic Maps

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Topo 101 The Basics of Topographic Mapping

Topographic Maps are produced by the Centre for Topographic Information of Natural Resources Canada

Topographic Maps | Natural Resources Canada

National Topographic System (NTS) map sheets offer detailed information on any particular area.

To help you understand what topographic maps are and how to use them, the NRC has created a Topographic Maps: the Basics guide

It explains mapping terms, some of which are scale, datum, finding UTS references, map grids, and contours.



NTS Maps

NTS (National Topographic System) maps are available online from ...

NRCAN logo for MURBS oage - Pollution Probe

The NL Campus Library has 3 scales available in NTS maps:

(1)  1:25,000 - currently out of print; available for local areas in Southern Ontario

(2)  1:50,000 - maps available for a few Southern Ontario regions

(3)  1:250,000 - limited selection 


For an explanation of the grid system of the index maps of the NTS, click here

To summarize:

First element is a dark grey number - 1:1,000,000 scale maps.

Inside are 16 lettered sections - the 1:250,000 scale maps.

Each section is divided into numbered areas - the 1:50,000 scale maps.




GeoGratis is free geospatial data and satellite imagery available from the Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Division.

It has been grouped into collections and is compatible with GIS (geographic information system) software.

Click here to access the GeoGratis portal .


GeoGratis | MacOdrum Library



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NTS Data, Maps & Tools Directory

Natural Resources Canada | URISA


Natural Resources Canada offers earth science-based mapping products including geological and topographic maps.


Access their Directory by clicking here



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