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Bachelor of Science Nursing Sources

focused on B. Sc. Nursing students

Research Starters

To find in-depth research on how nursing theory applies to research and practice, search the CINAHL database for scholarly journal articles.   

Here are some tips!

  • Conduct a subject or keyword search to obtain Nursing Theory or Nursing Models for a general subject search and overview on the topic.   
  • Conduct an author search to obtain articles written by a specific nursing theorist using the subject, keyword or author fields. 
  • Conduct a subject or keyword search on the exact theory you are researching (Neuman Systems Model).

Sample subject terms that might be of use when searching: 

  • Education, Nursing, Theory-Based
  • Name of Specific theory (e.g. Orem Self-Care Model)
  • Nurse Theorists
  • Nursing Models, Theoretical
  • Nursing Theory
  • Nursing Practice, Theory-Based
  • Philosophy, Nursing
  • Theory Construction

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