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Test Centre

Test Centre information for Niagara College Community housed on LLC's website.

Test Centre Code of Conduct

Thank you for booking with the Test Centre. 

The Test Centre strives to create a testing environment that supports a wide range of students and adheres to Niagara Colleges’ Academic Honesty Policy. The Test Centre applies all your instructors’ expectations for behaviour in the classroom and communicates and enforces these expectations through the Test Centre Code of Conduct. To provide an environment that is comfortable for all students the Test Centre is a scent free zone.  

Any behaviour or use of unapproved aids that contradicts the Test Centre Code of Conduct, and/or the Student Code of Conduct will be reported to your instructor.  

Tests/exams are to be booked 8 days (or more) in advance. During finals, tests/exams are to be booked 14 days (or more) in advance. 

In booking with the Test Centre, we are asking that you familiarize yourself with these policies in advance of your test. If you have questions about any of these policies, please contact the Test Centre.  

Test Centre Code of Conduct 


  • The Test Centre is a scent free zone; no perfumes, cologne or scented products are permitted. 
    • Wearing scents may result in cancellation of your testing appointment. 

  • You must present a valid piece of photo ID before each test/exam. Please always keep your ID with you. 

  • Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals of 30 minutes or more will result in having to obtain permission from your professor before you can begin your scheduled test. Your late time will be deducted from the original time allotment.  

    • No additional time will be given for late arrivals. 

    • Exception – Professors can stipulate no late starts. 

  • Water in a container with a secured lid is permitted in the Test Centre.  

    • Food and drinks other than water are not permitted in the testing environment. 

  • You may not, for any reason, bring or wear the following in the Test Centre during your test:  

    • cell phone  

    • smart watch  

    • ear buds  

    • personal music devices  

    • purses  

    • personal bags  

    • light jackets 

    • tablets  

    • personal laptops  

      • An exception is made for personal laptops when course-specific software is not available on the Test Centre computers. 

  • **Should you bring any of these items you will be required to place them in a designated area of the Test Centre, and all electronic devices will be required to be on silent.  

    • We are not responsible for lost or stolen property 

  • You may only discuss or share the content of the test/exam with your instructor. 

  • Once your test has begun, you need to provide notification to the Test Centre staff when you are leaving the testing environment for a washroom break, or when you have completed your test. 

    • Only washroom breaks are permitted. 

    • Repeated or lengthy washroom breaks will be documented and discussed with your professor. 

    • You are not allowed to access or use any prohibited aids during a testing session or washroom break. 

      • Prohibited aids are listed above, and include, but are not limited to, notes, study material, cell phone, internet access or electronic devices of any kind. 

  • Any behaviour that contravenes the Student Code of Conduct, and/or is disrespectful and/or disruptive behaviour of any kind, will not be tolerated and will result in cancellation of your testing appointment. 

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