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Test Centre

Test Centre information for Niagara College Community housed on LLC's website.

Step 1 - Go to www.niagaracollege.ca.


2.  Click 'Login to MyNC' and use your NC credentials to login.


3.  Under Applications, click 'ALL'.


4.  Find the APP called 'ClockWork Student' and click on the app link.


5.  Login using your NC Credentials.


6. Click 'Schedule a test or exam' to request a test booking.


7.  Select the 'Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz' tab.


8.  Review pertinent information. Click on 'Next' when ready to proceed.


9.  Select the course you want from the drop down menu, click 'Next'.


10.  Choose the date that your class is writing the test, click 'Next'.


11.  Verify your test date is correct. Enter the time the class is writing the test and how long the test is scheduled to be. (Please do not add your extra time here. They system will automatically calculate it once you have submitted your request.) Click on 'Next'.


12.  Confirm that the professor's information is correct. If it is not, please enter the correct information for your professor. Click on 'Next'.


13.  Choose only the accommodations you require for the test that you are booking. Click 'Next'.


14.  If additional requirements are needed for your test, please indicate here in step 1. Review the Rules and Regulations in Step 2 and ensure you click on Step 3 to acknowledge that you have read them. Click 'Next'.

15.  Review the date and time that appears under 'available dates and times'. If multiple options are provided, choose the one that best coincides with your scheduled class. Click 'Next'.


16.  Confirm all information is correct. Ensure you acknowledge that the information you are submitting is correct. Click 'Next'.


17. When request has been submitted you will receive this notification.

18.  You will receive an email confirming that your request was received by the Test Centre. 


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