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Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Sources

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Brewing Technology

In this book, the discussion encompasses leading-edge brewing technology with fermentation using a non-Saccharomyces starter, healthy uses of spent grain from brewing processes, and an electronic nose for quality control, but it also includes descriptions of local traditional alcoholic beverages of Korea and Cameroon.

Brewing and Craft Beer

 This Special Issue, Brewing and Craft Beer, comprises nine different works by researchers from five continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania). This Special Issue reflects thus a broad perspective on the most important questions that concern the researchers in different parts of the world.

The Complete Practical Brewer

A complete guide on brewing, containing plain, accurate and thorough instructions in the art of brewing ale, beer, and porter, and including information on making Bavarian beer and the small beers, such as sarsaparilla-beer, mead, spruce-beer, and much more. Classic work originally published in 1852.

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Distillation Innovative Applications and Modeling

The purpose of this book is to offer innovative applications of the distillation process. The book is divided in two main sections, one containing chapters that deal with process design and calculations, and the other, chapters that discuss distillation applications. 

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