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Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where? A Global Empirical Picture

 In this book, for the first time, we have a detailed empirical picture, country by country and region by region within countries, of which varieties of grapes have been grown where, and how those varietal choices have changed over time.

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Viticulture and Winemaking under Climate Change

The most renowned winemaking regions show very specific environmental characteristics, where climate usually plays a central role. Considering the strong influence of weather and climatic factors on grapevine yields and berry quality attributes, climate change may indeed significantly impact this crop. 

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Grape and Wine Biotechnology

Grape and Wine Biotechnology is a collective volume divided into 21 chapters focused on recent advances in vine pathology and pests, molecular tools to control them, genetic engineering and functional analysis, wine biotechnology, and more.

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Microbiota of grapes: positive and negative role on wine quality

In the last years, several studies contributed to describe the complexity of grapevine-associated microbiota using both culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches.

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Wine Aging Technologies

The aim of this Special Issue is to publish a compilation of original research and revision works that cover different aspects of the ageing processes of wine in casks and other alternative systems that reproduce, with different technologies, the transformations that take place in the barrel.

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