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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Recommended Open Educational Resources

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Frameworks for Academic Writing

This book was designed for a wide range of writing abilities. Writers who are simply unfamiliar with academic writing patterns benefit from sentence-by-sentence templates, prompts, tutorials, and examples.

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A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL

A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL is digital content created for beginning and intermediate students learning English as a second language.

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Communication Beginnings: An Introductory Listening and Speaking Text for English Language Learners

Designed for beginning-intermediate English language learners. Chapters cover speaking and listening learning objectives and includes dialogues, interviews, discussions and conversation activities.

In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook

Textbook to help ESL students acquire communication skills in the community (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The book is aimed at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels 5/6.

About Writing: A Guide

This writer’s reference condenses and covers everything a beginning writing student needs to successfully compose college-level work, including the basics of composition, grammar, and research.

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