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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring information for Niagara College Community.

Peer Tutoring Program Expectations

As a student participating in the Peer Tutoring Program, I will meet the following expectations:

  • I allow the release of my College email to other students in the Peer Tutoring program.
  • I will be on time and be prepared for my scheduled tutoring session(s).
  • I will respect the time of my peer and will provide a minimum of 3 hours notice in advance if I must cancel my appointment.
  • LEARNER: I will NOT expect homework to be completed by the Tutor as this is considered Student Academic Misconduct.
  • TUTOR: I will NOT complete any homework for the Learner as this is considered Student Academic Misconduct.
  • I will check my Niagara College email account regularly for messages and updates.
  • I will accurately report appointments on my pay sheet or online client report form and understand that any falsified hours will result in removal from the Peer Tutoring Program.
  • I will keep the Peer Tutoring Coordinator informed of any issues that may arise between tutor and learner.

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