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Peer Tutoring

We're Hiring Notetakers!

Notetakers are currently needed for courses at both campuses. Please consider helping another student!

Contact us for more details:  


Payment Schedule

Payment Structure for Note Takers per Term

Number of Credits

Full Term

(min. 10 weeks)

Half Term

(min. 5 weeks)

1 – 3



4 – 6



7 - 9



10 - 12







**Payment is dependent on the minimum number of weekly uploads, as well as the quality of notes.

**Payment will be made in the month following the completion of the school term for which your note taking services were required.

Are You Interested in Becoming an In-Class Notetaker?

If you attend classes on a regular basis and take detailed lecture notes, you may have the opportunity to become a notetaker.

See below for directions!

Complete the Following Steps to Begin the Process!

Step 1: Log in to the MyNC Portal

Log in to the MyNC Portal with your username and password at: https://portalnc.niagaracollege.ca/


Step 2: Go to the Applications Menu

Click on More Applications and then select All



Step 3: Clockwork Note Taking

Scroll down to find the icon for Clockwork Note Taking...and click!


Step 4: Sign Up to Become a Notetaker

Click on Courses/notes icon on the left tab.

On the Courses page you will see a list of the courses you have signed up for and whether or not you have been selected to be a notetaker. You can also sign up for additional courses on the Courses page.


Step 5: Add Potential Courses

To sign up for a course, click on Add a new potential course and select your course from the list.


Step 6: Upload Sample Notes

You must submit sample notes to in order to be selected as a suitable notetaker. Click on Course/notes in the menu on the left, then follow the instructions to Upload Sample Notes for each course in the list.


Step 7: Wait for Notification

Once your request has been submitted, your sample notes will be reviewed. If hired, you will receive a notification with further details.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a notetaker!


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